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Highlights of KKKL Sekinchan & Sky Mirror 3D2N Tour

适耕庄3天2夜旅游配套重点介绍 KKKL Travel & Tours is offering Sekinchan & Sky Mirror 3D2N tour package all year long. Are you still wondering where to go during you nearest weekend? Let’s go travel to Sekinchan & Sky Mirror for a short getaway! Feel free to click the link here for complete travel package information KKKL Travel […]

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Top 10 MUST EAT at Sekinchan

适耕庄10大必吃美食 Sekinchan has more than just nice and fresh seafood, they had other delivious delicacies serving from different restaurants. 适耕庄的美食除了新鲜美味的海鲜之外,其实那里还有不少惊喜的美食。 1. Jiann Chyi Restaurant 建旗海鲜饭店 Shark Dish is a MUST when comes to Sekinchan! This restaurant had served very special shark dish, they have shark porridge, fried shark and more famous shark dish, which are […]

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Top 8 MUST EAT at Genting

Genting Highlands has bring in many famous F&B outlets from all around the world – London, Spanish, Italy and more. Basically at Genting you can literally “eat around the world”. 云顶高原引进许多世界各地知名的饮食连锁餐厅,有伦敦,西班牙,意大利餐等等。基本上到云顶你可以”吃遍全世界”。 1. Burger & Lobster Head over to Burger & Lobster at SkyAvenue to meet live lobsters from Nova Scotia, transported from the deep Atlantic […]

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Top Recommended Sekinchan Accomodation

适耕庄特色住宿推荐 Sekinchan has become one of the famous travel hotspot in last few years. The choices of accomodation there has increase from handful of amount until now you have way too many to choose. We would like to recommend a few with special feature for your travel pleasure 🙂 适耕庄在近年来变得火热的旅游景点。 当地住宿的选择也从寥寥无几的几家旅馆变成今天超级多选择的局面。 接下来让我们推荐您几家拥有特色的住宿确保你旅途愉快 🙂 No.1 – […]

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Top 10 Instagramable Spots at Genting Highlands (2019 updates)

Genting Highlands understands that people nowadays loves to take nice photos and share on their social media account. In order to fulfill this MUST DO move, they had developed many “instagramable” spots with nice background for visitors. 云顶的管理层了解到现代人都爱拍好看照片然后再上载到社交媒体。为了满足这项需求,他们开发了许多热点让游客拍照。   1.Sky Avenue Interlink Bridge 云天大道桥 People who saw this background will definitely knew this is SKy […]

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Top 8 MUST DO in Sekinchan

Sekinchan also called as “The Land of Seafood and Rice” is rich with seafood supply and paddy plantation. Besides of nice food, there are plenty of MUST DO when you travel to Sekinchan. Check out the Top 8 MUST DO below 🙂 适耕庄也叫鱼米之乡缘由它丰富的海鲜以及盛产稻米。这里除了是美食,也有很多景点一定要到。看看以下的8样事情吧!   No.1 – Sky Mirror 天空之镜 There is no other place in […]

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10 Updates of Genting Highlands in 2019

Genting Highlands has change to new face phase by phase since 2017 until now. There are more fun and exciting facilities, restaurant and shops you can ever think of. Let us bring you to have a look on whats are the changes / updates until 2019. 云顶高原自2017年开始慢慢翻新每一部分。至今它们带进了更多刺激好玩的设施,餐厅以及商店。就让我们带你看看究竟云顶至2019年为止翻新了什么吧。   1. Skytropolis Funland (New Indoor Theme Park) […]

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Top 8 Check Point at Sekinchan

Sekinchan used to famous for its natural recources for seafood and paddy long time ago. But it has evolve to more than just food tour when you mentioned Sekinchan, there are many Instgramable spots been discover as time goes by. Here are the Top 8 attraction spots to take some nice photos in Sekinchan. 适耕庄的出产的稻米以及海鲜闻名已久。但时至今日这里闻名的不只是食物了,而是更多的打卡点。接下来将会介绍适耕庄8大打卡景点。 […]

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