1Day Durian Tour

KKKL Travel & Tours organize one day durian farm trip and shopping during the durian season. Durian season normally starts from the month of June till August but the best durian to enjoy is from end of June till July.

Our itinerary as follows :

1. Depart 630am from Singapore Textile Centre (we depart early as to avoid heavy traffic at the immigration side)

Customer are required to reach our office by 615am to collect sticker as well as a complimentary bottle of water. by 630am, our bus will depart to Malaysia.


2. Breakfast at Johor Bahru local coffee shop (at own expenses)

After clearing the the immigration, you will be greeted by our friendly tour guide. After everyone has boarded the bus, we will head to local coffee shop for breakfast. By the time we clear the immigration custom, everyone is already hungry as we have to wake up very early to catch the bus. The coffee shop has many stalls that selling nice food, such as wan tan noodle ( 云吞面), nasi lemak, chee cheong fun(猪肠粉), curry rice (咖喱饭).

bus 1 bus2

IMG_7158  breakfast

There are wide varieties of choices for customer to choose. Our customer are having their breakfast such as coffee with bread, nasi lemak, mee, etc.

IMG_7160 IMG_7162

3. Visit to local product shop

After breakfast, we will head to durian farm, however, on the way to durian farm, we will have a stop at one of the famous local product shop where customer can buy some of the local product from Malaysia. Besides buying local product, customer can have the opportunity to have short toilet break.

IMG_7164 IMG_7163

4. Unlimited durian feast at Tangkak

Finally! The unlimited durian feast for everyone. You can choose any durian that you want and consume as many as you desire. Everyone is given a one whole basket of durian and once you have chosen the durian, you can ask the helper to open the durian for you. Depend on the availability of the durian, normally the farm will provide the durian such as D11, D24, D101 and many more. For cat mountain durian (猫山王), the durian farm is available for take away and you can purchase at the counter. Besides enjoying the durian, you are also given other food such as fried bee hoon, curry vegetable, curry puff and other assorted fruits.

IMG_7484 IMG_7485 IMG_8121

6. Drop by at KSL Shopping Mall

After durian feast, we will head to shopping mall to shop around. Our customer just love shopping and they are given around 2 hours for their shopping.


5. Dinner at Local Restaurant (tour package included)

Customer can enjoy sumptuous dinner at one of the local chinese restaurant. Enjoy the food before heading back to Singapore.


6.  After dinner then we head back to Singapore

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