Bus from Singapore to Seremban

KKKL has offered a new route for bus from Singapore to Seremban. Base on statistic, there are many Malaysian whose hometown in Seremban are working in Singapore. Hence, there is actually a high demand for this specific route.

Generally, the travelling time from Singapore to Seremban is around 5-7 hours and the bus ticket from Singapore to Seremban is price at competitive price at $35/way. The bus will have 2 different pickup point Kovan & Katong V. This will be convenient for those who are staying at east side and north east side of Singapore. Our bus will stop at Seremban bus terminal.

There are not many choices of bus companies actually offer this particular route for bus from SG to Seremban in Singapore. Normally, for those who want to go to Seremban, there may need to take bus from Singapore to KL and then arrange their own transport back from KL to Singapore. Moreover, those companies that offer such route from Singapore to Seremban, customer has to endure a longer travelling time due to the bus will go to other places before going to Seremban, which frustrate the customer. In order to solve the pain point of customer, KKKL has offered this route direct for bus from Singapore to Seremban every Friday night to cater for high demand for those who are working in Singapore and their homwtown is in Seremban.

Seremban is actually the City of Negeri Sembilan, where it is consider the second tier city next to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Seremban is famous for its medical and hospital, where there are many good and reputable hospital in Seremban. Comparatively, the price of goods and houses in Seremban is lower compared to Kuala Lumpur. Besides hospitality, Seremban is famous for its food such as Seremban Siew Pao, crispy buttery pastry bun filled with juicy savoury and sweet roast pork. Also, the crabs in Seremban is famous too.

Frequently ask question about

  1. How long is the journey from Singapore to Seremban?
    – The journey from Singapore to Seremban is around 5-7 hours, depending on the traffic and immigration clearance.
  2. How much is the bus ticket price from Singapore to Seremban?
    – KKKL price this ticket price at a competitive price of $35
  3. Is the bus direct from Singapore to Sremban? Will there be any stopover along the way?
    – KKKL offer direct bus services from Singapore to Seremban, we will stop for toilet break along the highway. Unlike other bus operator, we will go direct and you will have a piece of mind
  4. Where is the pickup point in Singapore
    – We have 2 pickup point, one is at Kovan, one is at Katong V




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