Bus from Singapore to Penang

KKKL offers daily bus service from Singapore to Penang. As Penang has two part, there are mainly inland Peninsular Malaysia and also Penang Island. Our bus services actually travel from Singapore and stop at several parts of Penang such as Singapore to Butterworth, Singapore to Nibong Tebal. The journey for bus to Penang from Singapore normally will take around 10 hours, depending on the traffic and immigration clearance. However, our Singapore to Penang bus departs daily at 930pm from Kovan, follow by 10pm from Katong V. Hence, traffic is less congested at night and hence, you are expected to arrive at Penang around 6am in the morning. This timing is just nice as you will avoid the morning rush hour heavy traffic at the Penang bridge.

Bus Singapore to Penang island will stop at two location, one is at the Sungai Nibong bus terminal and another one is at Komtar Penang, the heart of Georgetown in Penang. Most of our customer prefer to alight at Komtar Penang because this is located at the city centre and most of the hotel is located at the city centre. However, for Sungai Nibong bus terminal, this terminal is located far away from the city centre, however, if you would like to connect to the next destination, this would be an ideal place to alight.

Nevertheless, Penang island is regarded as the top 15 best island to retire according by International Living, a website that covers global retirement or relocation opportunities. Penang is famous for its local food, where all the hawker food sold are being cooked by local people, instead of hiring foreigners to cook. Hence, the taste of the hawker food can be preserved at its original taste. Here are some of the highly recommended hawker food in Penang.

  1. Asam Laksa – A very special soup based laksa that tasted like sweet, sour and spicy, mix with rice noodles, shredded fish, pineapples, cucumber, onions. For northern state of Malaysia, their terms “laksa” is consider as asam laksa, asam meaning sour in Malay. For southern part of Malaysia, the terms Laksa is often regarded as the spicy, orange colour and a lot of flavoury coconut milk.
  2. Char Keow Teo – This is consider fried noodle and heavily fried using charcoal as the fire instead of gas and also duck egg instead of chicken egg. Also, the noodle is sprinkle with bean sprout and highly smooth noodle and then fried together. With the heat from the wok, upon the first bite of the noodle, you can feel the “Wok Hei” of the noodle, a distinct charred, smoky flavor resulting from stir-frying foods over an open flame in Cantonese cuisine.
  3. Cendol – While Cendol is available everywhere is Malaysia, the cendol in Penang is something different where the red bean used is a bigger type compared to northern state of Malaysia. Cendol is a “Peranakan” dessert and this is best consumed during the hot weather. It comes with a green jelly (cendol), made with Pandan leave, blend together and heat it up and keep on stiring and squeeze the cendol out. And then also freshly blended coconut milk, red bean, blended ice on top and also “gula melaka” (coconut sugar) to make the whole dessert tasty and sweet which you will never forget after your first sip of the dessert