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Kuala Lumpur 2D1N Trip

Kuala Lumpur 2D1N Trip 吉隆坡2天1夜就要酱玩 Kuala Lumpur the heart of Malaysia, it has a lot of attractions. If you are travelling to here 2D1N, feel free to check out the list we sharing here! 吉隆坡,马来西亚的首都,具备不少特色地标。如果您来到吉隆坡2天1夜游玩,不妨看看我们列下来的地方吧!   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by پارسا فرزند ایران زمین (@parsa_79_ka) on May 28, 2019 […]

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Bekok Nostalgic Delicacies Trip

Bekok Nostalgic Delicacies Trip 彼咯怀旧美食之旅   Nostalgic environment, nostalgic attraction and nostalgic delicacies is the 3 main nostalgic package offer from Bekok. We’ve introduced the environment and attractions before, let us introduce you the nostalgic delicacies now. 怀旧的环境,怀旧的景点和怀旧的美食是彼咯的3大怀旧配套。我们之前介绍了当地的环境和景点,现在让我们介绍你当地的美食。   No.1 – Nan Kai Coffee Shop 南开茶室 You must pay a visit here for local traditional […]

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Bekok Nostalgic Trip

Bekok Nostalgic Trip 彼咯怀旧之旅   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Berglee 李承運 (@berglee) on Jun 5, 2016 at 4:35pm PDT Bekok is a small town that located in Johor, it just require 30mins drive from Yong Peng. Nostalgic street full of memories, it makes this place a good place to […]

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Kluang MUST EAT & MUST GO! 居銮必到的景点必吃的美食   Kluang has few nice attractions to visit and take photos. Besides that, it has some good restaurant too. Usually one day trip is just nice for this small town visit. 居銮有几个不同的景点值得前往并拍下美照。除此之外,这里也有好几家不错的餐厅。通常一天的行程就已足够去探访居銮。   No.1 – Kluang Railway Station 居銮火车站 Kluang Railway Station was built since year 1911. It […]

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